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Blanked page

Every time I type the url of my college and I try to “authenticate device” a blanked screen appears. That’s problem is not only with me, most of my friends are reporting that. I use the iPhone X

Doesn’t work

Can’t login with CMU ID

Worked once, Apple wallet interrupts

So the app worked for me once and it would be very useful if I could get it to work again. The thing is, I hold it up to the reader and my debit card pops up. Now I don’t really want my own apartment to have a cover charge, so I think it would fix the problem if you could put the virtual access card in your Apple wallet. That would fix this issue.

Works for me!

I installed this app and It works great. I haven’t had any trouble with it at all unlocking our parking garage or our elevator or our door.


Can’t even get past login

Doesn’t work

This app has constantly left me locked out of my dorm room

This stupid app doesn’t work and has screwed me over multiple times

I’ve had two different phones and it hasn’t worked on either. Won’t let me get past the log in page because none of the buttons work. College requires it to get food and get access but I can’t use it. This app is the absolute worst. If your thinking about using it for your school, don’t. An IOU is more reliable than this app


Can't even click on my schools name to then login. So awful it's sad


This app is so awful. It never works, and I have to have my professor mark me down for attendance every day. Seriously, release an update because it does not work with the current iOS.

Worlds worst app

The only reason why I’m using this app is because of my math class, but coming from a CS field I know this isn’t the hardest thing to do. It’s a VERY Basic app, but it can’t even get past the login page. I can’t explain how frustrating it is when I have to go up to my instructor every class to tell him this app didn’t work so he can mark me down for attendance.


I locked myself out of my room and tried to use this app. I'm standing right in front of the door and it says I'm too far away for it to work. I cannot physically get any closer.

This is the worst app ever designed

absolutely awful


The developers should drink bleach.


Always crashes, tried re downloading it and I couldn’t even sign in

Plain Abysmal

Every time I use this app to open a door it crashes the next time I open it. I have to delete and redownload the app every time. I had to use it for a day when I lost my card and I hope I never have to use it again.


I got this for my School and it has worked on every academic building door so far & elevators with scanners - just not dorm room doors since you have to type in your code.


The only times it works are when you're just testing it; never does anything when your really locked out.

Works with no certainty

Be prepared to have someone come get you or have your physical key handy, because this app is in no way reliable. And the times it does work, it would have been faster to pull out your key than to wait for the app to respond.


I downloaded this app then look for my school. When I tapped on my school nothing happened.

Villanova University

Where is Villanova? Was on the app last year. Smh

Needs Apple Watch app

Please make an Apple Watch app that allows doors to be opened.

Crashes all the time

USF - trying to start the app and it crashes within 3 seconds. Was hoping to use it to get into my room and dorm building when I lost my ID card, but nope. Please fix!!

Literal Trash

They made a version of the app that crashed and then updated it to no longer support as many devices. Now I'm stuck with an app that crashes.


Absolute trash app that doesn't work...

Awful !!

Very unreliable!! Doesn't work when you need it and crashes all the time


I'm a student from CMU, and I can never get to the login page on my phone. I can log in on a friend's iphone seamlessly and get into my room. Please fix.

Yo developers

Your app barely works fix it and stop making it kick me out

NOT Helpful Whatsoever

My Mobile ID did not make itself clear that was the "Gold" Edition that I needed in order to do laundry because the card machine was broken. There was NO part of my app that let me do anything other than open doors. Strike One. I searched on the App Store for this "gold" edition I needed, and found one that actually said "gold" in the title. I tried to authenticate my phone, but was denied, because that particular app was for READERS, not phones. Strike Two. Finally, I decided to re-download the original Mobile ID, hoping that it would update itself. Instead, when I tried to authenticate it, it told me that I tried to authenticate TOO MANY TIMES and that I should try in a couple of DAYS. Now, I have a pile of detergent soaked clothes because of this company's limit on authentications. STRIKE THREE.


App glitches and crashes.

Bad app

I get a notice saying denied reader offline and the door does not open. I'm locked out. Thre is no help, no support! Terrible service and app.

Works great but stuck on one function

This app works very well, but as soon as you click on the open door function, the app is stuck there. An update is desperately needed. I can't use he app for anything other than opening my doors. There's just no button to take you back to the home screen. Please fix it.

Promising but needs work.

There is no explanation of how to maneuver the app. I could not make it past login and the encountered several request time outs. I will be deleting this app now but it has a ton of potential and I would definitely use it if it worked!

can't swipe on the laundry

I download it cause my card don't work, but after I confirm, authorize and swipe, it doesn't work at all!!

This app is garbage

Can't even sign in on first attempt


Somewhat reliable. It's very slow and it works....sometimes you get a bunch of errors. I'd like to see a future to SAVE locations and rename them. That way it will be much more convenient to use the common ones. I'm surprised this feature is not here. A more of an optional but highly recommended future is compatibility with the Apple Watch. If this app has Apple Watch compatibility, it will truly be revolutionary. Convenience to the max.

Doesn't work on iOS9

Was just introduced to this app by coworkers. 2 who are on iOS8.4.1 are able to use it perfectly. On iOS9, it constantly asks me to authenticate and never gives me the door unlock screen, if it doesn't crash completely beforehand. Please update.

Frustratingly horrible

This app is absolutely terrible. It hardly ever connects to the network and in the off chance that it does, it never responds to commands! Basically it's a piece of trash with the potential of being a very valuable product. But as of now, it's still just garbage.

Horrible app

It rarely works. Most of the time it can't connect or won't follow through with the command.

College Student

This app needs to add support to use TouchID to open it instead of just a PIN.

Very unreliable app!!!

I wish I could give this app a negative 5 star. When this app actually works(which is once in a blue moon) it is helpful. Who ever developed this app has not taken the time to fix the many bugs it has. The biggest bug is that the app won't actually unlock your door. Instead you be greeted with ERROR. I just want this app to be fixed -looked out if room and hungry

Does not work

Does not open door to room!

Nice app

It is a really nice app..! It works good..! Sometimes have bug saying that I'm not close to the reader..! But 90% of it that I use it worked pretty good..! NICE APP TO SAVE YOU WHEN YOU FORGOT YOUR STUDENT ID hahaha

Doesn't work

It worked for one week then suddenly said "not in distance from reader" and hasn't worked since. No reason especially since I'm inches from my door. It's been a waste of money for it

Useful But....

This app is very useful but it would be nice to return to a homepage. I can't view anything besides the page you use to swipe.

Very useful

I use this a lot.

Love it!

Great app for getting into my room when I don't have my ID card on me.

Great app

This app is very useful in efficiently opening doors that normally require a plastic ID card, especially if the card is locked in the room. There is a lot of uses in this app, but the interface is difficult to switch between functions. A very good app, and I hope to see some updates soon.

Perfect app for when I leave my ID at home

Simple and works beautifully.

CS Gold only!

This app only works for campuses that have CS Gold. The current version will not work with Odyssey PCS. Be sure to check with your campus to see which version they are using before purchasing this app.

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